Healthy Pet Corp.

March 30, 2003

Realized Investment Healthy Pet owns and operates veterinary hospitals and is a leading consolidator in the industry. To finance a series of acquisitions, the company utilized numerous seller notes which had begun to impede cash flow and future long-term growth. During Healthy Pet’s search for solutions, other prospective investors focused on the company’s post-corporate consolidated EBITDA. […]

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CRC Health Corporation

January 6, 2001

Realized Investment CRC Health is America’s leading owner and operator of residential drug and alcohol treatment facilities and methadone clinics. The company had the opportunity to acquire the largest group of residential treatment facilities in Pennsylvania. However, access to capital was complicated by CRC’s lack of a financial equity sponsor, few tangible assets and concern about […]

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Pritikin Enterprises

November 6, 1997

Realized Investment Pritikin holds exclusive worldwide rights to market the Pritikin name for all purposes other than food related products. The company’s principal business has been the operation of the Pritikin Longevity Center in Santa Monica, CA which offers short-term residential programs for individuals which focus on nutrition, exercise and disease management. In November 1997, […]

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