Caltius Equity Partners Invests Growth Capital in Vision Holdings

September 24, 2014

Los Angeles, CA (September 24, 2014) – Caltius Equity Partners, in partnership with David Nachman, has made a growth capital investment in Vision Holdings, LLC. Vision is a leading provider of online technology solutions primarily for government and municipal clients. Founded in 1996 by Steve Chapin in Santa Monica, CA, the company provides website development and online tools through a software-as-a-service model.

The Vision transaction was referred to Caltius Equity Partners by David Nachman who will serve as the CEO of the business going forward. “David is a very experienced technology executive with a long and accomplished track record, and we are looking forward to a successful partnership with him,” said Garrick Ahn, Managing Director of Caltius.

“Vision is a pioneer in the government website development market where it serves as a vital partner for public officials grappling with citizens’ increasing expectations for online access to important services and information,” Nachman said. “At a time when local government transparency has taken on newfound importance and constituents are increasingly demanding their voices be heard effectively by local government, it is clear that municipalities are thinking very differently about the use of technology. Add the pervasive use of mobile devices and social media, and technology emerges as the critical enabler that will allow governments to adapt and thrive in the digital age.”

“Vision Internet has an outstanding reputation, a loyal customer base and is well-positioned to take advantage of the very healthy growth expected in the government technology market,” Nachman said. “Our content management system is second to none and it is the foundation on which we will diversify our customer base, broaden our footprint and expand our offerings in the years ahead. I am excited about the positive impact our services can have on our customers and their communities.”

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