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Uses of Funds

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  • Recapitalizations

  • Growth Capital

  • Acquisition Financing

Security Structures

  • Control Equity

    Control Equity

  • Minority Equity

    Minority Equity

  • Subordinated Debt

  • Unitranche

Over 25 years of smart investing by collaborating with business owners and their advisors.


The ultimate compliments we receive from our executives are invitations to their kids’ weddings. A close second is when they invest in our funds. 77 of them have invested to date! We value these testaments to the relationships we build above all else.


We had a vision in 1997 to build a collaborative, entrepreneurial team and partner with our portfolio company owners, our investors and our professional community. 26 years later, we sit in the same offices, living the same vision.


We take our fiduciary commitment to our LPs very seriously. This is proven in the way we consistently communicate and build long term relationships with each and every one of them.

Shared Goals

We are in the people business, backing and collaborating with management teams toward a common goal of increasing shareholder value.


Our unofficial credo is, “Professionalism and integrity with a dose of humor.” This attitude permeates our corporate culture, both internally and in our external relationships.

Best Place to Work

The essence of our corporate culture is inclusion and mutual respect, regardless of titles, and a healthy work/life balance. It’s an honor to be considered one of the “Best Places to Work” in money management.